Saving Wildlife

GC’s Two Wildlife Lwildlife-leaflet-2-triptych-300eafletswildlife-leaflet-1-triptych-300

Leaflet part 1:  Threats to Wildlife  + How can we help?  triptych-1
Leaflet part 2:  Quotes + Why does ‘Saving wildlife’ matter to Christians? triptych-2

Display the leaflets alongside secular conservation leaflets of your choice produced by WWF, FOE, RSPB, your local Wildlife Trust etc.


See also: GC’s Rainforest Fund Campaign and

Greetings cards on sale in aid of the Rainforest Fund


Triptych leaflets have  larger print and fit in display stands that take only triptych leaflets.
Encourage people to follow up the 10 Top Steps for Saving Wildlife in the part 1 leaflet.

1. Leaflet: Part 1: Facts:
+ How can we help?.
a) Facts on threats to wildlife.
b) Ten top practical steps to help save wildlife
triptych-1 pdf

2. Leaflet: Part 2: Quotes + Why does ‘Saving wildlife’ matter to Christians? a) Bible texts on Wildlife
b) Column on the GC Rainforest Fund
triptych-2 pdf

3. Webpage see here

Go to Green Christian’s:-
Rainforest Fund campaign page: 100 Churches

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