Green Christian Annual Members Meeting

9th November 2019 

St Andrew’s Church, Short Street, London 

by John Payne

Faith, extinction and what we can do about it

With the Religion and Extinction Project

Paul Bodenham introduced the first session on Faith and Extinction.

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Way of Life Event 1 Feb

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The Green Christian Way of Life – Finding our Path and Walking Gently Together

Walking, Falling and Keeping Going

(Re)discovering and maintaining

a radical creation-centred

way of being

A gathering open to all Green Christian members who are interested in following our Way of Life and an opportunity for Companions (followers of the Way) to come together to share their experiences of the journey so far and discerning next steps

There will be presentations and discussions on each of the 4 Way of Life disciplines with questions such as:

Prayer –

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PRESS RELEASE: “The Church of England must inspire change, not mimic societal norms.” Green Christian calls for Church of England to set an example on carbon targets

Green Christian welcomes plans by the Church of England, announced last week, to “recognise the Climate Crisis and step up its action to safeguard God’s creation.”

The charity is seriously concerned, however, by the Environmental Working Group’s proposal that General Synod should support the Government’s carbon reduction of net zero carbon by 2050.

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Questions to ask General Election Candidates

Hustings will take place all over the country. Please go along and ask one or more of these questions.


We are in a climate and ecological emergency. According to the head of the UN, we face a direct existential threat and have less than 18 months to change course.

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Green Tips for Christmas by Barbara Echlin

Here is an article to use in your local parish magazine:

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Before we get there we have Advent. A time to look forward and to prepare for the future. Advent is the start of the Christian year.

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Christmas Tips – from Milton Keynes


The bishops of England and Wales, following the Pope’s lead, are encouraging us to change our lifestyles so as to help reverse climate change. See the short films on the Global Healing website – Here are some suggestions for Christmas from the Milton Keynes Cluster Global Healing Group.

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List of All Posts 2019-2018

The column on the right lists this website’s newest posts. This post lists all posts back to early 2017. To search for a word in a title, type Control F.

Some items on our website appear  as “Pages” not “Posts”  (e.g. leaflets) – To search for these, use the search box at the very top right of the page. 

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New Book Reviews: November 2019

New Book Reviews on Green Christian’s Website in November 2019:

Being Human, by Rowan Williams, March 2018. Reviewed by Andrew Norman

Dead Zone: Where the Wild Things Were, by Philip Lymbery, March 2018. Reviewed by Rev Dr John Harrison

The Growth Delusion: The Wealth and Well-Being of Nations,

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