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Press Release: Green Christian meet on Extinction Rebellion Day

(See also:  post written on 21 Nov:  Green Christian AMM report, Bishop David Atkinson and Extinction Rebellion)

9th November 2018

Green Christian are happy that the new protest group Extinction Rebellion have chosen the same day as the Green Christian Annual Members Meeting,

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Press Release: Christian charity looks for hope and wisdom at their Annual Members’ Meeting

Green Christian are excited to announce that the speaker at their Annual Members’ Meeting will be the Rt Rev Dr David Atkinson, author of a powerful new book, Hope Rediscovered – Biblical Wisdom for an Anxious World. The meeting will be held in Central London on Saturday 17 November from 1pm,

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Press Release: The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – what does it mean for Christians?

October 8th 2018

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have today issued a report which states the importance of limiting global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees C. A rise of as much as 2C is likely to have devastating consequences on life on our planet,

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On The Road Together

This is the press release that was sent out for the first “Green Christian on the Road Event”.
There will be two more such events later this year (2018):

  • 2 June – in Cambridge
  • 15 Sept – in Derby

More details about these two events will be posted later

See a 

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Church called to build a bridge between theology and economics

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release
The Joy in Enough campaign has challenged Christians to play their part in creating a fair and sustainable economy.

Participants at the Big Workshop day con

ference in Sheffield were presented with the case for change,

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GC Press Release: Christians challenged to help shape a new economy

Christians will come together in Sheffield in November to help build a movement for a fair and sustainable economy. The charity Green Christian has put out a call for activists, campaigners and ordinary Christians to join a day of discussion and planning called The Big Workshop.


Part of the charity’s Joy in Enough campaign,

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Press release: MEP calls on Christians to shape debate for a new, sustainable economy

Green Christian Press Release: 10 Nov 2015

Conference opens ‘new chapter’ in Christian economic witness



Christians were urged on Saturday 7 November  to

“equip themselves to shape the debate on a future,

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Top speakers headline conference to help churches rewrite economic witness.

With Pope Francis calling for limits to growth in his Encyclical (Laudato Si’ 193) Christians from around the UK are gathering on 7 November to rethink the churches’ witness on economic justice.

Joy in Enough’ (JiE) is an invitation to all people to join in building an economy which is not only just but also respects the ecological limits of the Earth.

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