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These are reports of non-Green Christian events attended by one or more of our members

The Big Invisible Clock

This is a Libretto I saw performed last night by Lola Perrin. I don’t normally do my own posts for Green Christian, I do the technical stuff and put up other people’s posts. I don’t normally go to out to hear music, but I met Lola when I gave a talk at for Action on Climate Change in Chipping Barnet.

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Notes from The 2nd Interfaith Climate Symposium Feb 2018

Ruth Jarman sends notes after enjoying attending the

The second Interfaith Climate Symposium – From Local to Global: how can we celebrate and harness local action to tackle climate change? was held   5 – 9pm at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue,  

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Church of England breaks its Engagement with Fossil Fuels at Staged Wedding

On Monday 8th May, Christian Climate Action staged a wedding between the Church of England and fossil fuels to protest the Church’s continued investment in the industry. The sketch and short prayer vigil, which involved some members of Green Christian,  took place on the steps of Church House, Dean’s Yard,

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SARX Creature Conf: part 3 of 3



Derek Pamment attended the Creature Conference – Is Christianity Good News for Animals? organised by SARX on 18 March 2017 and writes:-


The Creature Conference presented the best of the recent,

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SARX Creature Conf: part 2 of 3

Matthew Stemp writes about the Sarx Creature Conference

(See links to other reports at end)

The Sarx Creature Conference was advertised as a ‘ground-breaking’ event to help Christians engage theologically and practically with question of how a life of faith relateAudiences to the lives of animals. 

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SARX Creature Conf: part 1 of 3

Roundtable-croppedGreen Christian held a stall at the conference organised by SARX 
on Sat 18 March 2017  at Oasis Conference Centre, London SE1. 

SARX is A UK Christian charity dedicated to Animal Welfare

The three members of Green Christian who ran the stall give accounts of the conference:
Howard Gardener reports:-

(See end of post for links to the other reports and to the SARX website.)



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Faith for the Climate Symposium, St John’s Waterloo, Sept 2016

Diana Nefiodow reports on the Interfaith Symposium on Climate Change


A vegan supper for all

Climate change activists of many denominations met at the Interfaith Climate Symposium on  21st September in the St. John´s Church, Waterloo, London. It was the same day that the UN announced that the Paris climate agreement is on the brink of coming into force because 31 nations have ratified the deal.

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Greenbelt 2016 Top Twelve Memories

Judith Allinson, Green Christian web editor writes:-



“Hello” to Everyone who went to Greenbelt 2016- and to Everyone who wants to know what went on.

This year I organised the Green Christian stall at Greenbelt. I am grateful to others for preparation work (see end of post).

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