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Green Christian ‘On the Road Together’ Day: 6 Oct

We welcome you to attend one of our

Green Christian on the Road Together Days

The first was held on 3 Feb 2018 in London (see short report with pictures ) and the second on 2 June in Cambridge and the third on  15 Sept in Derby

There will be one more such event  in 2018:

  • 6 Oct –

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Green Christian Member invests with Oikocredit

Archie Pearson (AP) from Oikocredit UK interviews Anthony Roper (AR), a member of Green Christian UK and recent Oikocredit investor.

Archie Pearson, Client Executive Oikocredit UK & Ireland

Antony Roper, Oikocredit Investor

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GC Press Release: Christians challenged to help shape a new economy

Christians will come together in Sheffield in November to help build a movement for a fair and sustainable economy. The charity Green Christian has put out a call for activists, campaigners and ordinary Christians to join a day of discussion and planning called The Big Workshop.


Part of the charity’s Joy in Enough campaign,

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Joy in Nothing

Those of us aiming to articulate the joy of a simple life might like stories about moneyless living.
In 2008 Mark Boyle, a 29-year-old business man, decided to live for a year without money. Home was a caravan on a farm near Bristol where he worked in lieu of rent.

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Charity Bank launches new ethical account in Good Money Week for charities and churches.

To coincide with Good Money Week Charity Bank has launched a new ethical bank account aimed at charities, churches and socially-responsible organisations. As with all Charity Bank products, money saved by customers is used by the Bank  to provide loans to support the work of charities and social enterprises across the UK.

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Good Money Week 8-14 October

 Did you know it’s Good Money Week:  8-14 Oct.?

Let’s let people know they have sustainable and ethical options when it comes to their banks, pensions, savings and investments so we can protect the environment and support society when we deposit and grow our money.

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Read about Joy in Enough and the Big Workshop on Sat 18 Nov at Sheffield here. Includes posters to publicise it.

Joy in Enough

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Wealth & Well-being: J.D. Anderson

John D Anderson writes:-


Are wealth and well-being the same?

Etymologically, yes. In our modern minds, no.

Many words that used to concern morality now relate to money. “Economics” dealt with the good management of the home. Now it embraces the production and consumption of all goods and services.

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