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A New Law to Boost Local Clean Energy – please support.

Green Christian has signed up as a supporter of a new law to support local renewable energy. The Local Electricity Bill is supported by a cross-party group of 63 MPs and seeks to establish a ‘right to local supply’ that would give communities the right to sell locally generated energy to local people and make the costs of supplying energy locally proportional to the scale of the supply enterprise.

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Fracking: The explosive power of our money

Written by Anthony Keen and Chris Walton

A financial protest against fracking

One of the environmental topics of concern for people in many parts of the UK is fracking for gas (methane). The most publicised forms of protest take place at the entrances to the fracking sites,

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Charity Bank launches new ethical account in Good Money Week for charities and churches.

To coincide with Good Money Week Charity Bank has launched a new ethical bank account aimed at charities, churches and socially-responsible organisations. As with all Charity Bank products, money saved by customers is used by the Bank  to provide loans to support the work of charities and social enterprises across the UK.

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Pressure mounts on Church of England to divest from Exxon

Christian campaigners are calling on the Church of England to disinvest from US oil giant ExxonMobil, on the basis of new evidence that the company intentionally misled the public on climate change.

prayer outside Church House Sept 2017On Wednesday 20 September, supporters of Operation Noah and Christian Climate Action held a vigil outside Church House in London,

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Examples of practical actions taken by local churches

Do you need ideas about what your church could do?
Have a look at some of the links below.

Individual churches have done many green things  since we reported on the Christian Ecology Link Millennium Certificate in 2000 (The certificate was first devised in 1997  exactly 20 years ago)

It is inspiring to hear what individual churches are doing.  

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Report: Eco-Action Day, Ilford

Green Christian member Peter Musgrave writes about the Eco Action Day at his church. 

Local Volunteers work together to make Community Building more Energy Efficient

On Saturday February 4th, Vine Church  hosted an Eco Action Day at their Holstock Road Community Halls, in Ilford. Over 40 volunteers from all section of the Ilford community most with no church connections came along to help.

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Ditch Coal Now – London Feb 8th


Next Wednesday, 8th February, is the final day of the Government’s consultation about phasing out coal burning in UK power stations.

BiofuelWatch will be joining Coal Action Network, London Mining Network and Friends of the Earth for a protest outside the Department for Business,

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Stop the Solar Tax Hike!

Green Christian has joined the campaign to “Stop the Solar Tax Hike”. We are one of over 160 NGOs, schools, academics, energy providers and public institutions who have signed a letter asking the Chancellor to stop the proposed rise in business rates for solar panels.

Smaller companies and public sector organisations such as state schools and hospitals could face a six- to eightfold increase in the tax.

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