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Environment Songs Workshop at Settle Folk Gathering

Judith Allinson describes:-

Do you enjoy singing and music?  Do you enjoy being in nature and are you concerned about care of the environment? I answer yes for all – so have enjoyed collecting songs about care for the environment.

The Environment Songs workshop

  • held as a “Fringe”

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Earthcare – to tune of The Skye Boat Song

(See Hymn Index for other green hymns)

Chorus ……
Care for the planet that cradles our life, beautiful mystery:
Spark from the sun, flung out into space; part of our galaxy.

Why are we here?  Will we survive?  Questions of origin;

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For life we rejoice – New Hymn

(See Hymn Index for other green hymns)

Tune: Laudate Dominum (O Praise Ye the Lord)


For life we rejoice;
A gift from God’s hand.
Creation gives voice;
The seas, skies and land.
Each proton, electron,
Each neutron and quark,

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Green Guardians – New hymn – good for children

Green Guardians (with children in mind)

Tune: All Things Bright And Beautiful

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small;
God made us to keep them safe,
so let’s protect them all.

1.      Each little flower that opens
feeds bees and butterflies,

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O, Lord we know that you made everything

(See Hymn Index for other green hymns)

Tune: Peel Castle, Hymns and Psalms 346

This hymn by Win Walters won first prize in the local section for the 2016 Settle Methodist Circuit Hymn Competition: Theme: The God of Creation.


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God’s Goodness – Hymn about nature, farming and God’s love for us in times of stress

God’s goodness

(See Hymn Index for other green hymns on this website, available for use in church services)

Tune: C.M. Beatitudo (J.B. Dykes 1823-76)      Words usually sung to this tune: Fill thou my life, O Lord my God H&P 792(ii)

  1. Oh Lord the beauty that we see,

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Hymns – on Green Christian themes – for use in churches and schools


Here are the words of fifteen hymns, on “Care for Creation” themes that you may like to use, to be sung to well known tunes. New ones are being added.

The authors are happy for people to print their hymn for services and non commercial publications etc provided that the exact words are printed,

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Creator God, Abundant Life your Mark

(See Hymn Index for other green hymns)

Tune : Sine Nomine the tune to “For all the saints who from their labour rest”

Creator God, abundant life your mark,
You once poured speech into the formless dark
And from those words sprang forth a living spark
Your inspiration –

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