Questions about CELINK March 2016

What is CELINK?

CELink (or “Green Christian Forum” ) is Green Christian’s email discussion group set up for Members of Green Christian. Green Christian used to be called Christian Ecology Link (CEL) hence the choice of name for the discussion group (and it is easier to prounouce than GCF)

What are its aims?

To enable Green Christian members to share information


Can anyone join CELINK?

CELink is for members of the organisation Green Christian

CELink is a private group. It has a manager (Judith Allinson – GC’s web-editor). This means that what we write can only be read by other GC members. Emails are sent to other members of the group.

People can only join if they have been sent a special email by the manager (termed “invited”).

At the moment the principle (in general) is to only invite paid up members of GC.

Please email if you have strong views either for or against this.


How does one join?

Ask Judith (webeditor@greenchristian.org.uk) for a special invitation email . She will arrange for an email to be sent from Googlegroups inviting you to join. When the email FROM Googlegroups arrives, return it TO Googlegroups (not to Judith).


Does one have to join Googlegroups in order to receive and send emails?

No, Not at all.

Googlegroups encourages you to join, and then you can find out a tiny bit more information about CELINK and you can join other Googlegroups.


How often are messages sent through CELINK.?

Over the past two months it has averaged about 70 per month. So it is not onerous to belong to this group.


Is it possible to find out who else is in CELINK?

If you join Googlegroups you have to give yourself a name or nickname. Once you have joined Googlegroups you can visit the CELINK pages and ask to see who else is in the group. Thus you can read the nicknames or names of the other people who have joined. Some people have given their real names, so you can recognise them. Other people have given nicknames so you cannot recognise those. Also quite a few people in CELINK have not joined Googlegroups at all so there is no name or nickname for them.


How many members of GC are in CELINK?

For those of you who like statistics:

At the end of March 2016 there are 187 members of CELINK

  • 138 people who receive each email as soon as it is sent.
  • 22 people who receive abridged (9) and digest(13) versions
  • 27 people who do not receive emails but have access to the celink website on google where the messages are stored. (Total 187)

At the beginning of January 2013 there were 150 people made up  of

  • 96 people who receive each email as soon as it is sent.
  • 24 people who receive abridged (7) and digest(17) versions
  • 30 people who do not receive emails but have access to the celink website on google where the messages are stored. (Total 150)

I hope you will chose to become an active person who receives the emails directly they are sent out.  But please choose which fits your circumstances.

Do statements on CELINK represent the official view of GC?

No. When individuals state their views, whether they are members of GC Steering Committee or not, the views stated are the view of the author of that email, not the view of GC.


Is it safe to give confidential information on CELINK?

No. Whilst people should NOT copy emails to others without first asking permission of the author, one can never guarantee what will happen to emails once they are out in cyberspace.


Why should one bother joining CELINK when GC’s web editor sends out emails about 24 times a year to all members of GC?

  1. The emails sent to “Members and Friends of GC” are mostly very general and non-controversial in nature, and contain a minimum of information. Information is posted more frequently to CELINK
  2. You can find out views of other members of GC. You can publicise ideas yourself, and ask questions.


Is it worth joining CELink?

Yes. Give it a try for a few months.


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