Needs Awareness, Disability Awareness – Make sure everyone can Hear, See, Understand, Take Part

Ability Aware Page

This is a plea for everyone to be more aware- we could all be more helpful if we are more aware of other people’s needs and make meetings go more effectively

Some points to ponder:-

If your church/community arranges a talk on green issues,

  • Can everyone hear the talk?
  • Is there sufficient lighting for people who are hard of hearing to lip read?
  • Are there several organisers present who are prepared, and have the confidence to ask the speaker to speak up if people cannot hear; or move people in wheelchairs to suitable positions so they can see the speaker.

These are very basic issues – but so often talks are spoiled for people because they cannot hear or see.

  • Are people who physically cannot walk left at home because they do not have transport?
  • Could you arrange a meeting at their house?

For people who cannot appreciate Talks, are there other green activities that could be arranged? practical activities, or music?

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