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Green Christian, Easter 2019, Issue 87

End Times for a stable climate?

Green Christian Issue 87 Cover Image

  • Editorial: End Times for a stable climate?
  • Extinction Rebellion Elaine Ewart reflects on a new movement
  • Naming the Powers Ruth Musgrave invites us to imagine differently
  • Putting the Green in Greenbelt Jeremy Williams investigates the annual arts and justice festival
  • George Dent (1929 – 2019) – a tribute
  • Green Inspiration Online Clare Redfern and Jeremy Williams recommend some useful websites
  • Bus Stop Theology Sandra Dutson considers how we travel
  • Signs of Hope Join us at the GC retreat at Launde Abbey!
  • The Price of Pilgrimage Alexander Kennedy looks at the environmental costs
  • To Fly or Not to Fly? Caroline Pomeroy of Climate Stewards believes offsetting can play a role
  • Hope Rediscovered Bishop David Atkinson guides us in spiritual wisdom
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Previous Editions

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GC85-smallAutumn 2018 Issue 86
Righteous joy, reverent hope
GC85-smallSummer 2018 Issue 85
Lament, Wonder and Hope
GC84-smallAutumn 2017 Issue 84
Treasuring the Earth
GC83-smallSummer 2017 Issue 83
Valuing the Earth
GC82-smallWinter 2016 Issue 82
Art of the Possible
GC81-smallSummer 2016 Issue 81
O Taste and See!


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Postal address for contributions: 17, Ascham Road, Cambridge CB4 2BD

Editorial Policy
Green Christian is intended as a forum for Christians of all traditions to reflect on and contribute to current thinking in the green movement.  Items in Green Christian Magazine reflect the views of their author and not necessarily those of GC.

Basis of Faith
We affirm our belief in God as Creator of all things and in Jesus Christ as Lord, looking to the Holy Spirit for guidance through the Scriptures, and seeking to hear Him in the challenges of the present time.

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