Season of Creation – Creation-time-1 Sep- 4 Oct – What will you do in your church?

The period 1 – Sept – 4 Oct is treated as “Creation Time” by many churches. Recently the Catholic church has started observing this period too, and the Pope declared 1 Sept as Creation day. Many churches start their church calendar on 1 Sept.

Now is the time (if it is not already too late) to start preparing for autumn.

Here are some resources:  I will add more as people tell me about them.

We have lots of items on our website you can use. (Do explore the website)

Have you any suggestions?

New course to explore ways we can help protect our planet  from Catholic Church

 Global Healing, is free. Its official launch will take place on Creation Day, 1 September. It has been commissioned by the Bishops of England and Wales and is specifically designed to help people engage creatively with the vital spirituality of an “ecological conversion” highlighted in chapter 6 of Laudato Si.

The programme has been filmed on location at the Eden Project, at a Franciscan Friary in Dorset and a wind farm in Cambridgeshire. Its descriptions and visual presentations help in understanding the reality of the damage being done and the various opportunities and possibilities that are within reach to reverse the process of pollution.

Watch the Global Healing Trailer here:



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