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The Green Christian Way of Life Community – Finding our Path and Walking Gently Together

Many spiritual communities have Rules or Ways of Life involving a set of disciplines to assist believers in living out their faith in a deeper and more structured way.

The Green Christian Way of Life  is offered to believers where care for God’s creation in all its forms is a fundamental outworking of their faith. The Way of Life is a calling for deeper engagement and shared encouragement. Followers of the Way are called ‘Companions’.

The 4 disciplines and examples of appropriate existing Green Christian resources which can be used are:

Disciplines of the Way Examples
Daily Prayer and devotions Using the Green Christian monthly prayer diary with its daily pointers for prayer.
Living Gently on the Earth Adopting the ideas in the leaflet ‘Nine Ways to live gently on the Earth’ as an integral element. Sharing and accounting for the use of our resources, eg using the ecocell modules to help cut carbon emissions, following the LOAF principles for meals, and engaging in the Joy in Enough challenge to current economic thinking.
Public Witness Committing to specific current and planned action for creation care, eg through active involvement in local regional or national projects/campaigns.
Encouragement Supporting fellow Companions, eg by mutually supporting another Companion, meeting in regional groups or through Green Christian’s internal email discussion group CELink.


To hear firsthand what it is like to be a ‘Companion’ visit our new ‘Way Talk‘ page and leave us your comments

You can read more about the background as to why Green Christian decided to introduce this initiative in our Green Christian Magazine, Issue 78 (please scroll to page 14). See photographs of our exploratory Way of Life Gathering in May 2015

The first Way of Life workshop was held in London on Saturday 30 January 2016. (See report of the day) and our second in January 2017. (See report of the day.)  The  Way of Life Community leaflet is now available.  A small Working Group of Companions contribute to the development and administration of the Green Christian Way of Life Community.

If you would like to register as a ‘Companion’ or simply find out more please contact George Dow at georgedow@greenchristian.org.uk

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