100 Churches

CEL’s Rainforest Fund

100 Churches

Could your church hold a fund raising event?  — to save habitat and species?

CEL is seeking
100 churches to raise £100 each

Frequently asked Questions

Why is it important to save habitats and species?

Species extinction rates are now 1000 times as great as the natural rate, mostly due to habitat loss. We need to act quickly.

This project is to encourage churches and individuals to look after “God’s Creation” – to take responsibility for habitats and species and to reduce this rate of loss. We need to do this both for the sake of future generations, and because this wonderful world is a gift from God

Rainforest  or other habitats?

We are trying to protect Habitats of Biodiversity Importance, not just Rainforests.  However “Rainforest” is a more succinct, colourful and emotive word than the phrase “Habitats of Biodiversity Importance”

Which charities?

The three charities we primarily support are World Land Trust, Cool Earth and A Rocha – Forests. If a church knows of another good conservation (of habitats or species) charity it wants to support then this is equally good.

Can we support UK habitats?

We are supporting habitats of world biodiversity importance. These habitats tend to have been there for millions of years. Most habitats and species in Britain are not of “world” importance, beautiful though they are. Much of Britain was covered by ice 15,000 years ago. Species have spread back to Britain since then. However if a church has a definite good reason for supporting a British habitat, do ask us.

To Whom do we send the money?

The money should be sent direct to the charity concerned, not to Christian Ecology Link. But please tell CEL how you are raising funds, and how much you make.

What do I say when a person says “I would rather support a charity for people”?

Here is one reply to this: “People need the forests.”

a)       Life for future people on this world will be much poorer if we loose soil, water, and biodiversity; forests take up carbon dioxide, interact with the climate, and even affect ocean currents.

b)       Economists have now calculated that the loss of habitats and forests is worth Trillions of Pounds – a similar order of magnitude to the world economy–

c)       Local people can live sustainably with the forest and need it for its products.

How can I get more details?

For more details on this project contact:- 01729 822138

Whatsoever is good” – Philippians 4 v.8

CEL’s Rainforest FundCould your church hold a fund-raising event? – to save habitats and species?

Under threat of extinction:-

1/4 of all mammals

1/5 of all plants

CEL is seeking 100 churches to raise £100 each

Psalm 96:12… let all the trees of the forest sing for joy

Let’s show the world that Christians care about creation – God’s gift – and care that future generations should enjoy it.
Join us!      

Download colour poster on Rainforest fund 

to display at your church

Read More on the Rainforest Fund



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