Sponsor the 24 hour Preach-a-thon in Aid of Ringsfield Eco-Centre.

Paul Bodenham, Chair of CEL Steering Committee writes:

Ringsfield Eco-CentreTo many CEL members Ringsfield Hall has become something of a spiritual home. Now in its 40th year it has launched an appeal for essential work to enable it to continue its unique ministry.

CEL has held retreats and meetings there regularly for several years. Few residential centres demonstrate CEL’s values in practice as effectively Ringsfield. Its work with young people is an inspiration to everyone who visits.

However urgent upgrades to fire protection and heating, together with developments to secure its future work, mean that £150,000 is needed by the end of this year.

CEL encourages you to make a donation, especially if you been there with us.
Visit http://www.ringsfield-hall.co.uk/40%20Years/ for more on the Appeal’s aims and how you can take part.

CEL Steering Committee Chaplain, Editor of CEL’s Magazine Green Christian,  Trustee and a former director of Ringsfield Hall, Rev Dr Chris Walton has just completed a 24 hour sponsored Preach-a-thon towards raising much needed funds of £150,000 for Ringsfield Hall Trust.

This Christian Centre takes both young people and adults on environmental and Christian courses. Whilst income from the students gives enough money to keep the centre ticking over, at its 40th birthday,  significant extra funds (£125000)  are required for some major renovations and £25000 is required for bursaries for children.  Hence, as activity number 1 for the year-  the Preach-a-thon. It was given in two sections:

23rd January – Hungate Church, Beccles, Suffolk -from 9am – 9pm
24th January-St Michael’s Church, Beccles, Suffolk – from 9am – 9pm

Beforehand Chris said:

“I will be preaching, I have been doing it for 40 years and I will use that experience I am expecting many people who know me and know this place who are not Christians to come and have a taster – and I will give them it…and more!

We are leafleting the town of Beccles and inviting those who come and along to ask questions or interrupt. what ever they feel like – that way we might have interaction.
Of course the preaching will be green, not just about being green, but eco-theology, about our relationship with self, others, the earth and God.
Of course all this is to head up the fund-raising for helping to educate and love the future generations here at Ringsfield”

CEL has spent several Weekends and Retreats at Ringsfield Hall including in Jan 2007, Feb 008 (Staying on the Edge) 2009 (Welcome to the Banquet)2010 (Gardening in Gethsemane) and2011 (Pilgrims in an Alien land)

A link to the web site page about the Appeal is: 

A link to give directly through (justgiving) is:

On 26 Jan Chris said:-
“Hi Everyone,

The preach-a-thon went wonderfully well – the full twenty-four hours was witnessed! I still have a voice and feeling extremely well! I want to thank everyone for their support, messages of encouragement, and all those who came to hear me, especially a very special man who came from Kent to witness the whole event(!) and, of course, thank you for your gifts. Many of you have already sent gifts and sponsor money, for which I am extremely thankful but this is a call for you to send anything you have been able to gather so I can announce a final amount hopefully by the end of January to encourage the progression of the whole Appeal.
Thank you in anticipation.

I am sorry if I have not thanked any of you individually, I am trying to do thank, but some times, things get missed, and sorry if you feel you have had too many e-mails about this – this is the last! but I thought you might like to hear a little about the two days.

During the first day Radio Suffolk came, recorded some of the preaching interviewed a member of our staff and me during a chocolate break! They broadcast this on Tuesday morning with the promised to interview me after the event on Wednesday (yesterday).
During the twelve hours there was a steady trickle of people coming to listen from anything from 15 minutes to a couple of hours. Occasionally there were some questions asked and a bit of dialogue. Some even returned for the last hour or few minutes.

Tuesday was much the same, but very much colder large old parish church and Ross and others kept coming n with hot cups of coffee or soup, hot water bottle, gloves, scarves etc!! Again, some times there was discussion, but all was completed at 9pm with a visit to the pub afterwards!

Yesterday was heart warming, suddenly in the live phone interview I was told by the presenter that there was a guest on the line who wanted to congratulate me (I had absolutely no idea of who it could be). Mark Murphy (presenter said, ‘Well his name is Ben, do you know who this is?’, I said, ‘Well, that’s my son’s name’. ‘Yes’, he said, ‘and he’s here. What do you want to say to your Dad Ben?’ And the rest brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely ending to what turned out to be a very enjoyable preach!

Soon there will be a couple of photos and a bit of the preaching and the links to those interviews on Ringsfield’s facebook page.

So, that’s all for now, thanks and don’t forget to send anything you have gathered.”




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