30 Days Wild – Enjoy

30 Days Wild is a month-long nature challenge taking place this June.Frog-hopper nest

It is being organised by the Wildlife Trusts in Britain

They are asking people to  do something wild every day for a month – and make nature part of their everyday life. You can join in. You can sign up and get information and encouragement.

Several members and friends of Green Christian are taking part. e.g.



David Beattie on 6 June wrote:”  June 6 – My first sighting of frog-hopper “nest” today”





On 12 June  Judith Allinson birch-eleanor wrote: Spring marches north at 1.9mph to Yorks Dales at 260m. Bluebells still out (just) on 12 June





On 13 June Eleanor Harris wrote: Perthshire Grand Tour day two. Great views of curlew and red squirrel. Now home and worn out!


Visit the 30 Days Wild website








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