8 sided Eco Church Questionnaire pdf

Tip for introducing Eco Church to a group
– (Eco Church is a good project to stimulate you church to go greener).

Would you like to explain to members of your church or similar group about the Eco Church survey? 

When I did this for a group I found it very useful to have  paper copies of the questionnaire.

Click here for the “Eco Church survey questionnaire pdf” as a more efficient 8 sided leaflet  (rather than the 9 sided leaflet on the A Rocha site which can cause paper wastage if you print it out):-  eco-church-survey-8-pages

This is stored here with permission form A Rocha

If you print it as “Booklet fold” it comes out on rather small print, but in A5 – This saves wasting 3 blank sides as happens when you print out a 9 side leaflet booklet fold.









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