CEL Rebrand as Green Christian

Green Christian is the new name for Christian Ecology Link, the Christian environment charity.

Christian Ecology Link has a new name, Green Christian.  The charity has changed its name so that people will more easily understand its work supporting a positive Christian response to the environmental crisis.

“Our new name has been chosen because it expresses what we are, a community of Green Christians offering insights into ecology and the environment to Christian people and churches” said Paul Bodenham, Chair of Green Christian.  “Christian Ecology Link was formed in 1982 before the word Green was in common use to represent ecology and environmental issues.  Including Green in our new name communicates the issues at the heart of our mission to help reconcile Church and creation.”

Green Christian is an interdenominational UK Christian organisation for people concerned about the environment.

For additional information, contact:

Amy Willshire, Information Officer

Green Christian

Tel: 0845 459 8460

Email: Info@greenchristian.org.uk”

Green Christian works with churches and individuals in search of sustainable living. It runs conferences, workshops and retreats, sponsors the LOAF campaign (eco-friendly food production), ecocell groups (carbon footprint reduction) and the Joy in Enough initiative, and publishes magazines, pamphlets and leaflets giving information about best environmental practice.

Green Christian members on retreat in North Wales



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