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breakfast with dave blockadeSometimes it’s good to close your door and pray alone, away from the hustle and bustle of the world.  But this time, praying publicly at a place of worldly power at a time of such historical significance felt wonderfully right.

On Monday morning, 22nd September, as David Cameron flew to Ban Ki-Moon’s Climate Summit in New York, the newly formed Christian Climate Action group held its first event. We met for prayer. Not unusual for a Christian group, you might think.  But our choice of situation meant that we blockaded Downing Street for half an hour, putting our bodies in the way of the normal operation of this seat of power, where normal operation scandalously ignores the plight of creation.

The action was followed by The Peoples’ Climate Vigil next to the entrance where the Rev. Daniel Woodhouse led us in prayer and people shared thoughts, poems and meditations.

The focus of the action was to respond to David Cameron’s call for Christians to be more confident and to get out and make a difference.  We prayed for him to have the humility, courage, conviction and integrity to hold to his manifesto promise to be the greenest government ever.

For someone who has now been on a few direct actions, it felt beautifully empowering to be in a Christian action, where our focus was on prayer and witnessing to our faith.

Passers-by were very supportive.  As he left, one said, ‘I hope he hears you,’ leaving me wondering whether he meant Cameron or God.  Either way, that is our hope too.

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