A GC member writes to her MP before London, and later Paris

Ruth Jarman from Hartley Wintney writes to her MP:

Dear Ranil,

As you know, for the next two weeks world leaders will be meeting in Paris to try to reach an international agreement to keep global warming below 2°C.

I just wanted to let you know what my community is doing to show our support for an ambitious and just global agreement.

  1. You received a petition calling for action at Paris with nearly 300 signatures from Churches Together in Fleet & Crookham last week.
  2. Our church, St John’s, Hartley Wintney, has its prayer room set up to pray for Paris – both for the atrocities and for the climate talks, and is participating in Pray and Fast for the Climate.
  3. On Sunday, a group of Christians from Hartley Wintney and Fleet are attending the Interfaith Event at the Westminster Synagogue before joining the London People’s March for the Climate.  Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world will be marching for this weekend calling for radical and fair action on climate change at the conference.
  4. On Friday 11th December I am travelling with my daughter and a friend to Paris for the last weekend of the conference.  We understand the march has been cancelled.  But we feel that we still want to be there to witness to the moral imperative that sufficient action is taken by the end of the talks.

After the Paris atrocities, action on climate change seems even more important.  Even moderate climate change will cause further droughts, famines and suffering that will fuel conflict and terrorism.  One clear response to the Paris attacks is for people of all faiths and none to work together for a urgent and just agreement at the Paris climate conference.

You know how shocked I have been by the Government’s dismantling of low carbon policies, while top scientists and economists call for firming-up climate commitments, both for investor confidence and to give impetus to the Paris talks.  And just today I learn that DECC has slashed its forecasts for new renewable power capacity by more than a third over the next decade – hardly surprising, but terribly disappointing and laying bare the consequences of policy changes introduced since the May general election.

I hope that you also will be following the negotiations closely and will be doing all you can to support the very best outcome possible.

I hope and pray that the outcome of the Paris negotiations will bring some hope and that, as my MP, you will join me in taking strong action on this issue.

I would be very grateful if you could pass on this letter to Amber Rudd at DECC.

With best wishes,




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