A Green Christian Way of Life – GC Weekend Retreat May 2015

Some taster photos of Deborah Tomkins ‘being earthed at Ringsfield’ demonstrating using raised beds with some help from participants.

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June 23, 2015

This is not just any raised bed... this is an Earthed raised bed! Adapting some permaculture concepts, we have created a deep raised bed at Ringsfield Hall, filled with good compost and topsoil, and sown with many annual vegetable seeds - lettuce, rocket, radish, carrot, onion, herbs, etc. These are all roughly the same size and are simply mixed together in a small cup and then broadcast (scattered) over the bed and raked in. Then we sowed larger seeds such as climbing beans (by the poles) and broad beans. You can sow peas, maize, pumpkins, cucumbers, and plants such as tomatoes and peppers in the same way. The idea is to use height as much as possible. Eat the smaller plants when ready or when crowded. This technique takes minutes and is a no-dig, no-weed system, which I use very successfully in my own garden. Ideal for time-poor or reluctant gardeners! And in a country which imports nearly 50% of our food, and wastes around 30% of it, being Earthed is more important than ever.

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