A Green & Happy New Year with Climate Change Activist George Marshall


George Marshall and his Toucan

George Marshall and his Toucan

Climate change activist and author George Marshall will be addressing green Christians during an all-day conference on Saturday 21st January 2012 in Central London.


The Christian Ecology Link ecocell project team will facilitate workshops on “living the truly sustainable life” at the Magdalen Centre, St Mary’s Church, Eversholt Street near Euston train station between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm [1]

George Marshall, author of the easy-to-read book “Carbon Detox : Your step-by-step guide to getting real about climate change” will be offering his usual fact-packed and lighthearted insights into action on climate change, drawn from his experience of over a decade of community and policy work. [2]

The event will be suitable for anybody already taking part in the ecocell project, or anybody interested in starting. The workshops on the day will be pitched at several levels.

The ecocell-1 workshop group will look at the introductory programme to help your family or church group take their first steps to reducing their impact on the environment. [3]

The ecocell-2 workshop will look at the more in-depth project, to provide mutual support for those who want to reduce their carbon emissions to sustainable levels within five years. [4]

For further information, or to book a place, please email Tony Emerson at ecocell@christian-ecology.org.uk or telephone him on 0208 769 4078 [5]

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[1] The Magdalen Centre, St Maryís Church, Eversholt Street, London NW1 1BN is located about 7 minutes’ walk north of Euston train station.

[2] http://www.carbondetox.org/

[3] https://www.greenchristian.org.uk/ecocell

[4] https://www.greenchristian.org.uk/ecocell

[5] https://www.greenchristian.org.uk/archives/1537



For details of Christian Ecology Link details, please phone the Information Officer on 0845 45 98 460 or email at info@christian-ecology.org.uk


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