A Way of Life

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 27 October, 2020 | Category: Arts Blog | Comments: 0

Climate crisis, environmental disorder, pollution of air, land and sea are overwhelming world-wide happenings that we, as individuals, can do little about. Yet still we feel anxious, scared and apprehensive for our children – children who are now realising that their futures are at risk because older generations have done too little, too late, have not listened to the warnings and have spent and what they did not own.

It would be easy, and quite natural, to despair, to give up or pretend it’s not happening. But Pandora’s box is open, and the bad things have been released. What is left in the back corner of the box is hope. 

Find that hope and hang on to it.

The Green Christian Arts Page is dedicated to bringing hope and renewed wellbeing to all, through poetry and art. We believe that we must first face the storm and find shelter in peace and composure. In that peace we shall discover how to act.

LEARN – find out the facts about the crisis afflicting our earth

REFLECT – use meditation, prayer, and silence

CONNECT – talk to your families, neighbours, friends

EXPRESS – be creative in your response: grow, cook, sing, write, paint, weave, play

DELIGHT – in this wonderful world and pledge to make it good for every living thing



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