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Think global, act local!

As we seek to follow Jesus – against the tide – we need a different world view. Could a local group sow these seeds in your community?

Green Christian Local Groups are groups of ordinary people supporting one another in their ecological discipleship and, in so doing, being vital signs of the kingdom for our times.

Why Be A Green Christian Group?

You may be asking why you would want to form a specifically Green Christian group, or affiliate your existing eco group to Green Christian? What are the benefits? What difference would it make to your group?

Linking up with Green Christian would allow your group a higher profile, a national presence and wider links. Operating under the Green Christian banner, you would have a recognisable name and identity. People would also be more likely to find your group as you could be listed on our website or even have your own webpage here if you would like to do so. You would also see your group news reported in our magazine.

Green Christian is not a hierarchical organisation. It is in its essence a grassroots community, where you have scope to contribute and cooperate and share ideas. As a Green Christian group, you would be central to this member-led community.

You would also receive 5 copies of each issue of our magazine to distribute around the group or across your local area.

At last the media spotlight has again fallen on ecological decline, following years of seeming indifference. So now is the ideal time to capture the public mood by setting up a new group, or by affiliating your existing group to Green Christian.

What to do next?

Have a look at the map below to see if there is already a group in your area, and if so contact them!

At present we have 7 official Green Christian local groups:

Colchester – John Clifton –
Dorset – Ian Benson –
Douglas – Cat Turner –
Reading Area – Joanna Laynesmith –
Rugby – Malcolm Wright –
South West – Olive Stevens – (marked on the map at Tiverton).
St Albans – Kath Clough – See their Main Website , the Web page on our website and follow them on Facebook.

Across the country there are also Green Christian members who run local groups of green Christians or share the vision in their local areas – at present Barnet, Bicester, Cheltenham, Clun, Lincoln, Sheffield, Stroud and Worcester. To contact any of these please email our Local Groups Co-ordinator.

If there is not a group in your area, please consider setting one up. You do need to be a member of Green Christian to do this. Please download this briefing for advice on starting a group: Local Group Briefing – as the way we oversee groups has recently changed.

Do read this blog about Local Groups by our Local Groups Coordinator, Isobel.

If you are thinking of starting a Green Christian Local Group, do read our new Local Groups Briefing.

For any help or information, please contact our Local Groups Coordinator, Isobel, at or 01790 763603 or