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Reading Area Green Christians – Biodiversity

Welcome to our resources about biodiversity. You can download the leaflets (and the discussion materials which will be available soon). The leaflets can be printed back to back and used flexibly for personal study, for distribution in church or for church group meetings. Each of our leaflets contains a prayer or Biblical reflection, key facts, practical ideas for you or your church group to consider doing, and links to useful online resources. The discussion materials are extra ideas and contain links to useful short videos and websites that provide opportunities for discussion.

Beneath the leaflets you will find links to local opportunities for action on this in the Reading area.

If you want to follow up the suggestions above, you can find details of many local wildlife and conservation organisations at the Greater Reading Environmental Network website.

If you don’t have a garden of your own (or even if you do!) you could volunteer in one of Reading’s community gardens – in Newtown, Oxford Road, or on a number of sites run by Food4Families. If you would like to help with practical conservation work Econet have volunteer events across Reading every week. Our local Henry Street Garden Centre set out their eco-credentials here, but if you want to avoid peat compost you’ll need to look further afield, eg online from rosybee.

There are opportunities to buy locally grown produce at RISC on London Street, the True Food Co-op in Emmer Green, Thames Valley Farmers Market in Great Knollys Street on 1st and 3rd Saturdays, or from Tolhurst Organics (check their veg box delivery map here).