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What is Green Christian?

Introductory video

Green Christian was formed in 1981, and formally constituted in 1982 when the vision was to share green insights with Christians and Christian insights with the green movement.
Since then the ecological crisis has deepened so we seek the more urgently to live gently on the earth, encouraging one another in discipleship which accepts our impact on God’s creation as a whole.

We believe in a gospel for all creation. We are currently a community of ordinary Christians from all backgrounds and traditions who seek to:
• let loose hope in this damaged, exploited and unjust world
• pioneer practical discipleship in shared prayer, struggle and action
• equip prophetic witness through our campaigns and resources
• empower agents of change in churches and the green movement

daily prayer, daily simple lifestyle, public witness, and encouragement to one another and the provision of resources, including a magazine, groups, retreats and conferences.

Green Christian helps its members to understand and relate these responsibilities to their faith. Members can then encourage others in their local churches and neighbourhoods to think seriously about these issues.

We walk alongside those of faith and no faith. Join us.

See also our annual brochure: Storm of Hope

What is special about Green Christian? How are we different from other Christian environmental organisations?