Action at Leeds- Climate Service, March and Rally 28 Nov

Many Climate events have been taking place up and down the country today. Judith Allinson took the train into Leeds and braved the cold rain on Sat 28 November


FLeeds Minsterour small groups walked in 3 miles from the four corners of Leeds on Saturday morning to Leeds Minster in central Leeds. Well over 100 people (130?) met inside this large church with its dark woodwork for a service. Bishop Paul Slater gave a few words and a blessing. (No photos allowed in the service)







Jemima the Diocese Environment Officer gave some instructions about the upcoming march





After the service we were joined by all the others going on the march (maybe 300 or 600- I lleeds-climate-reep-by-j-allinsonook forward tleeds-climate-20151128-by-j-allinson-11o an official report) .






We marched through Leeds









leeds-climate-20151128-by-j-allinson-24to a place near the Railway Station outside the Unitarian Church. We were going to hold the rally and speeches outside, but with the extremely cold rain we were very grateful when the church let us hold the meeting inside.



Where it was warm and the acoustics better. We learned that there are 3000 similar meetings taking place round the world today  and tomorrow. Some of the people who spoke to us will be going to Pairs.



Here are more notes about the more about the speakers at the church and the rally..

leeds-climate-20151128-by-j-allinson-03Three talks were given at the church by the speakers on the right: the meaning of “Climate change” was widened, I think, to include “Environmental effects of our exploitation of the natural world and other people”

George from Tanzania told how his family and ancestors had fished from Lake Victoria – and that it used to have 400 different species of fish – by 1995 it only had 200 species of fish. and since about that time the locals had mostly stopped eating the fish because they were caught and exported – meaning that they were too expensive for local people to buy. He said that David Livingstone  (and co)  had brought the three Cs – “Christianity”, “Civilisation” and “Commerce” but that biodiversity was disappearing.


Peter Bloodsworth told us about San Salvador where he has worked. And how the local people have noticed the climate has been changing over the last 10 years – They can no longer predict when (or if) the rains will come, and instead of heavy thunder storms they get drizzle.

Daisy (aged 11) was a brilliant speaker and talked about now and the future.

It is the future that we are doing this march for!!!



More pictures:


Leeds  Councillor -told us about some of Leeds City’s greener plans – though some are now thwarted by central government cutbacks.  80% of people in UK live in cities and by 2050 80% of the world will live in cities. A motion has been passes by Leeds council 2 weeks ago opposing fracking.

Leeds is a bad city for clean air.


This lady talked about how women are affected by climate change.


David Midgley from Shumacher North talked about the “For the love of Yorkshire” festival,and we signed a petition which is being taken to Paris.












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