Advent Calendars: Part 2

What would you put on a green advent calendar? – Part 2


There is a big hype leading up to Christmas –

But what happens on Christmas Day?

What happens after it?

Many people find Christmas an unhappy time.

They may be lonely by spending Christmas by themselves, with no close relatives to visit.

They may remember happy former times, or loved ones who are missing.

Sometimes you can’t go and visit relatives because they will be busy visiting other relatives. So it can be best to stay at home. And put on a brave smile when people say “Did you enjoy Christmas?”

Some people just may NOT want to overeat, eating factory farmed chickens, receiving and giving plastic products.

Many people are in debt – maybe you – and worried that you can’t buy the latest gadgets for your children’s presents.

They may be miserable beforehand knowing they will be miserable at Christmas.

…Oh.. aren’t I a misery?

The churches usually provide lots of events leading up to Christmas Eve/ Day – After that there is nothing!



Sometimes that “nothingness” can be good – a time to catch up with paperwork, with jobs not done.

A time for retreat.

A time to prepare for the New Year, for New Year Resolutions – yes an opportunity to plan for a new start. (See  New Year Resolutions post)

Maybe then , the journey and excitement before Christmas is fine – the journey is as important as the destination.

And the real meaning of Christmas – that God came to Earth, that God is with us – actually applies every day of the year.

So let’s think of what resolutions we may like to make for the New Year?

And how can we help other people before and after Christmas?



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