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Many of you will have been among the 250 or so people who attended our conferences in Birmingham in 2014 and in Bristol in 2015. The JiE programme is explained and discussed further on our website page – https://www.greenchristian.org.uk/joy-in-enough




We are now ready to build the next phase of development. Our goals for the new phase are:

  1. To articulate an attractive and persuasive vision for a sustainable one-planet global economy which is just, convivial and humane;
  2. To engage people and opinion formers in the United Kingdom, in its churches in particular, in building a spirited movement for economic change.

We have developed a draft project brief to help us plan for this phase, and we are very hopeful about obtaining funding for our work from a particular Christian charity. We are also inviting people with relevant knowledge or skills to make an active contribution to the development of Joy in Enough. Could you be one of them?

Our need is for people to take on specific roles in this foundational stage of the programme:

Content or subject leads – in areas such as inequality in income, wealth and employment distribution; financial system reform; consumerism and ‘de-marketing’; social capital and community development; alternative industrial strategies; global environmental and economic justice; and, perhaps most important, developing our underpinning theology

Functional leads – liaison with other organisations, recruitment, fund-raising, message communication, etc. as well as more internal roles (chairing, minutes, etc)

Perhaps sectoral leads – in areas such as banking, farming & food, housing, energy localisation & transport?

If you feel that you have relevant expertise and would like to contribute to this foundational stage of the programme, or if there is someone you would recommend for one of these roles, please contact me at the address or phone number below. We can then explain in more detail some of our particular requirements for these roles.




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