Take action on 2 new GM trial applications

Two new applications for open-air trials of GM crops are currently being considered by Defra (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs). Rothamsted Research has applied for another “fish oil” camelina trial at its farm in Hertfordshire, while the Sainsbury’s Laboratory is hoping to plant GM blight-resistant potatoes at the Norwich Research Park.

Comments on the applications can be made until 19 March for Rothamsted’s camelina and 22 March for Sainsbury’s Lab’s potatoes. The application reference numbers and all contact details are available from the relevant webpages linked above.GM Freeze is leading a multi-agency objection to each application. These include a lot of detail but the main points are:

  • Pollen and seed could escape from both trials and affect natural relatives.
  • The genetic engineering process always carries a risk of unexpected effects. Neither research group has adequately tested the potential environmental nor food safety harms that their GM plants could cause.
  • We don’t need GM blight resistant potatoes because there are already conventional potatoes that do the job well.
  • Growing GM oils to prop up the fish farming industry will not make it sustainable. 
  • The potato trial uses an antibiotic resistance “marker” gene which could transfer to disease-causing bacteria.

If you represent an organisation who might be interested in joining a shared response, or if you would like support in responding on your own behalf, please get in touch.



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