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Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 26 May, 2020 | Category: Arts Blog | Comments: 0

Covid 19 may have locked us in but the Green Christian Arts Page
is now open for submissions of poetry and images of original art work. What better way to spend your time in than to paint, weave, sculpt and write? So read the introduction and guidelines, get creative and submit your work to me, Graham Norman at

This is my first blog entry since the Arts page has been open for submissions and I thought, having thanked you for getting this far and reading this, that I’d ask you to reflect on creativity while you are preparing the works which you will submit to me soon, I hope !

Here’s a short thought or two to get you thinking.

The first poem I ever wrote was a sonnet about the Trojan War and I wrote it because I was told to by my English teacher. It was the best homework I’d ever been given ! My teacher was pleased with it and read it out to the class and I remember thinking I want to be a poet !

Drawing and painting was encouraged by my mother, a self-taught botanical water colourist. I lacked the patience for such fine craftwork but nevertheless have always dabbled and, perhaps more importantly, developed an interest and love for art of all sorts.

Encouragement, rather than praise, is what is needed because few of us are brilliant or even very good. It takes courage to create and the fear of failure and derision can be inhibiting. Be not afraid ! Creativity is a gift God has given to us all and it’s not how good our creations are that is most important, it is the feeling we get when we make them. It is prayer, it is praise, it is thankfulness. It is, to quote from George Herbert’s truly great poem, Prayer (1), ‘something understood’.



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