Arundel and Brighton Ecumenical Walking Pilgrimages

RoseMarie Richardson from Stonehouse enthusiastically recommends the Annual Walking Pilgrimage organised by the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Ecumenical Walking Pilgrimage  This has been going annually for 30 years and is organised by volunteers from the diocese so costs are kept down.  Each year has its own theme.

She writes “The idea behind the movement is to experience pilgrimage a bit as it used to be – tramping one of the old pilgrim routes, walking across country in whatever weather (it’s all right, it’s always in August), stopping off at shrines, or churches on the route, chatting, telling stories, singing, or just struggling on.  Your luggage is taken on each day by van; packed lunch is provided and a cooked meal in the evenings.  We sleep on the floors of church halls or village halls mostly.  The organisers try to have the route cross with a ‘bus route about lunchtime, so that anyone who is too weary can catch a ‘bus.  You need to be able to walk about 15 – 20 miles a day, but there are 2 rest days with a chance to look around and to find a launderette.”

RoseMarie walked from London to Birmingham in 2011 visiting places associated with John Henry Newman.  The website is very informative, with details of all the pilgrimages since 1975, and more!


The current website says:

Our Pilgrimages in 2015

In 2015 we are celebrating 40 years of our walking pilgrimages and 50 years of our parent Diocese of Arundel & Brighton with 2 separate pilgrimages:




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