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Why adopt a vegan lifestyle?

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 16 December, 2023 | Category: Food News | Comments: 2

January is Veganuary: Editor’s comment: Whilst only a small percent of members of Green Christian are vegans, many members for…   Read More >

Where is the hope? Report from our Annual Members Meeting

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 12 November, 2023 | Category: GC Events | Comments: 0

‘Where is the hope? was the theme for Green Christian’s Annual Members Meeting held at St Andrew’s Church, Waterloo on…   Read More >

Laudate Deum – Vital Message from the Pope on the Climate & Environment Crisis

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 7 October, 2023 | Category: Action Biodiversity Climate Change Climate Emergency | Comments: 0

Pope Francis has released an important letter this week on 4 October 2023 (St Francis Day), running to more than…   Read More >

Happy UK Fungus Day 7 Oct – & Wonderous Waxcaps

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 7 October, 2023 | Category: Biodiversity | Comments: 0

From Waxcaps to Lichens, Yeast to Penicillin, Fungi give us so much! They are a vital component of our ecosystems…   Read More >

Green Christian at New Wine

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 2 August, 2023 | Category: Uncategorized | Comments: 4

The Green Christian and Operation Noah Stall at New Wine 26-30 July and 1-5 August, Maidstone, Kent. The aim of…   Read More >

Christians Aware and Biodiversity – from Farming in the Yorks Dales, to Lichens, to UN Conferences

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 26 July, 2023 | Category: Biodiversity Food | Comments: 1

Parcevall Hall is the Leeds Diocese Retreat Centre, set at the eastern limit of the Craven Fault which stretches 30…   Read More >

Sun 23 July International Bog Day

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 20 July, 2023 | Category: Uncategorized | Comments: 0

How will you celebrate it? Bog Day is celebrated around the world every year on the fourth Sunday in July….   Read More >

Climate is warming – hymn

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 29 June, 2023 | Category: Hymns | Comments: 2

See link at end to other hymns written by George Stuart about the environment) Back to Green Christian website hymns…   Read More >