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COP26 reflection from Melanie Nazareth

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 19 August, 2021 | Category: Articles Climate Emergency COP26 | Comments: 0

Environmental degradation, climate change and the structural sin of social inequality march together. As we seek urgent action to mitigate…   Read More >

COP26 reflection from Bishop James Jones

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 20 May, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized | Comments: 0

“Let the Earth flourish” Glasgow’s Patron Saint and founder St Mungo is remembered by a verse that recalls four of…   Read More >

Green Christian is seeking to appoint new Trustees

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 16 April, 2021 | Category: Jobs | Comments: 0

The charitable organisation Green Christian is outward-facing and innovative. Our members are drawn from all Christian traditions, and we work…   Read More >

Yearning and Hope

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 23 March, 2021 | Category: Arts Blog | Comments: 0

  One year on from Lockdown, 2.72 million dead worldwide and the climate/extinction/pollution storm is rumbling and roaring overhead. Are…   Read More >

How achievable is Net Zero Carbon?

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 22 February, 2021 | Category: Uncategorized | Comments: 3

Green Christian member Andrew Craig writes about the need for realism and commitment. Since Prime Minister Boris Johnson first said,…   Read More >

Wanted – Pandemic Art

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 27 January, 2021 | Category: Arts Blog | Comments: 6

What’s happened in the pandemic? Where are the poets and painters? Why are we not being flooded with images and…   Read More >

Update on Plenty!

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 20 January, 2021 | Category: JiE | Comments: 1

Many of you will have read about the progress of the Joy in Enough programme on the Green Christian website,…   Read More >

Show the Love Prayer – Sunday 14 February

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 18 January, 2021 | Category: Climate Emergency | Comments: 1

Green Christian invites you to use one of these prayers on 14 Feb as part of the “Show the Love” Campaign of the Climate Coalition