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The NJPN environment group celebrates its 50th meeting

Author: poppy | Date: 12 October, 2018 | Category: Climate Change News | Comments: 0

by Ashley Ralston and Ellen Teague Recently Ashley’s granddaughter asked him, “what are you doing to help the environment?” Reflecting…   Read More >

Minsteracres Retreat, July 2018

Author: poppy | Date: 13 July, 2018 | Category: GC Events | Comments: 1

In splendid surroundings a group of Green Christians journeyed to Minsteracres which is the Passionists retreat centre. To begin at…   Read More >

Green Christian Member invests with Oikocredit

Author: poppy | Date: 26 February, 2018 | Category: Economics | Comments: 0

Archie Pearson (AP) from Oikocredit UK interviews Anthony Roper (AR), a member of Green Christian UK and recent Oikocredit investor….   Read More >

On the Road Together in London – report with pictures

Author: poppy | Date: 5 February, 2018 | Category: On the Road Together | Comments: 2

Over forty of us gathered to find out what Green Christian has on offer and how we can connect with…   Read More >

Join Green Christian

Author: poppy | Date: 1 January, 2018 | Category: Uncategorized | Comments: 0

Becoming a Member of Green Christian By becoming a member you will be supporting our work, receiving publications which you…   Read More >

Church called to build a bridge between theology and economics

Author: poppy | Date: 28 November, 2017 | Category: Media Release | Comments: 0

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release 20/11/17 The Joy in Enough campaign has challenged Christians to play their part in…   Read More >

Judith our Green Champion

Author: poppy | Date: 17 October, 2017 | Category: News | Comments: 0

Poppy Pickard writes: Judith Allinson, Green Christian’s web editor was one five people to be given a Church Times Green…   Read More >

Joy in Nothing

Author: poppy | Date: 12 October, 2017 | Category: Economics JiE | Comments: 0

Those of us aiming to articulate the joy of a simple life might like stories about moneyless living. In 2008…   Read More >