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Thou Shalt Not Kill

By Martin Davis

I used to think “Thou shallt not kill” the easiest of the 10 Commandments to obey. As a junior lawyer, to disobey would, I reflected, certainly have seen the end of my career, but I had few temptations to go about murdering people, and could for the most part resist driving dangerously.

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Welcome your newly-elected MP with a Christmas card

The Climate Coalition is suggesting we all send our newly-elected MP a Christmas card to welcome them to their new term in office and make sure the climate crisis is one of the first issues that lands on their desk.

There’s a sample card and words on their website,

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Read about GC AMM workshop on “Faith, extinction and what we can do about it”

9th November 2019 

St Andrew’s Church, Short Street, London 

by John Payne

Faith, extinction and what we can do about it

With the Religion and Extinction Project

Paul Bodenham introduced the first session on Faith and Extinction.

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Alternative Carols for Christmas

Looking for something to sing that tells the truth about the climate emergency that we are in? Please find a great collection of carols for climate change for use in your context, churches, communities. They have come from Grace, an Anglican minister in Manchester.

Two Green Christian members took part in Settle Climate Strike on 26 November –

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Eco Church LOAF event

St Mary’s Church, Cubbington held a LOAF event recently as part of their Eco Church activities.

They ran a stall with LOAF leaflets ordered from, and posters and shared a LOAF meal together as well.

There were just 13 of them as there was a village outing to the coast that a lot of members had gone on.

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PRESS RELEASE: “The Church of England must inspire change, not mimic societal norms.” Green Christian calls for Church of England to set an example on carbon targets

Green Christian welcomes plans by the Church of England, announced last week, to “recognise the Climate Crisis and step up its action to safeguard God’s creation.”

The charity is seriously concerned, however, by the Environmental Working Group’s proposal that General Synod should support the Government’s carbon reduction of net zero carbon by 2050.

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Your Prayer Flags at the London Rebellion

Prayer flags at the Christian Climate Action tent at Trafalgar Square

Thank you all who made prayer flags for the October Extinction Rebellion!

They decorated Lambeth Bridge on the first day of the Rebellion, Monday 7th October, when, against a line of police,

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Go Vegan for World Vegan Day!

Friday 1 November is World Vegan Day. Why not fast from animal products for 24 hours in acknowledgement of the suffering inflicted on God’s creation by animal agriculture?

Perhaps combine your fasting with prayer with Pray And Fast For The Climate.

Green Christian does not advocate veganism as the only way of caring for the sentient beings with which we share this planet,

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