Baildon Methodist Church: Dec: Guided tours of “Passivhouse” building

All day on Sunday 1 December from 11.30 as part of Baildon at Christmas there will be guided tours of the Fold. All are welcome.

The first eco-building on church premises in Britain built to standards similar to those of a Passivhaus is finished.

The unfolding of the Fold at Baildon Methodist Church, Newton Way, Baildon, Bradford Newton Way,  BD17 6SZ was celebrated  by the Chair of the Yorkshire West Methodist District, Revd Kerry Tankard, at the 10am service at the church on Sunday 3 November.

After the service young people performed the opening ceremony. Over 10 years the church has raised nearly £900,000 to construct this two storey building which will use virtually no energy and emit virtually no carbon dioxide.

Anyone is welcome to come and rejoice with us that the church is not just talking about global heating: it is acting. We are  part of the 21st-century mission of the church so to act  that the whole of God’s world benefits.

Architect's picture of what the building will look like
Architect’s Picture of what the Fold will look like

Judith Allinson (GC webeditor) writes: “I came with local Green Christian group on a visit to the church to see its eco-features two and a half years ago. It is amazing what they have achieved since then.”



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