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New Years Resolutions 2020

What resolution will you make for 2020?

If you have good suggestions please put them in the comments section at the end.

Points 1 to 12 were added in the comments for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Long term suggestions and links by JA (the web editor) in the second table lower down lower down)

1.Buy nothing new for a year except of course consumables such as food – it has been done! 

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Navigating ecological tragedy: a collaborative inquiry with Buddhists and Christians: 6-8 March

Navigating ecological tragedy: a collaborative inquiry with Buddhists and Christians

March 2020 at Gomde Lindholme Hall, nr Doncaster

partnership with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and Doncaster Climate

The climate crisis has
only just begun, but it confronts us with ancient questions – the ultimate
questions of faith. 

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Ways, Means and Marvels: Christian Responses to the Ecological Crisis – Iona SW Gathering with Green Christian: 28 March

Iona SW England Gathering

Saturday 28th March 2020, 11.00am till 4.00pm. arrivals from 10.30am

At South Street Baptist Church, Exeter.

Theme: Ways, Means and Marvels: Christian Responses to the Ecological Crisis


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GC AMM 2020: 7 Nov, London

7 Nov Annual Members’ Meeting: 1pm-5pm, St Aloysius, 20 Phoenix Road, Euston, London NW1 1TA. Shared lunch, meeting, and talk. An opportunity to contribute to the work of Green Christian, and to gain inspiration for your own. Open to all.

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Thou Shalt Not Kill

By Martin Davis

I used to think “Thou shallt not kill” the easiest of the 10 Commandments to obey. As a junior lawyer, to disobey would, I reflected, certainly have seen the end of my career, but I had few temptations to go about murdering people, and could for the most part resist driving dangerously.

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Borrowed Time: building pastoral care in the climate emergency

In Green Christian we think the climate and ecological emergency is probably the greatest mission challenge the churches have ever faced.

We want to create places where people can meet together for a journey through climate grief and eco-anxiety. It’s work which requires new skills, new insights and new ways with words.

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What happened at GC Launde Abbey Retreat?

Read this post to find out what we did!
(Editor’s note: Note I am still preparing/updating this post)

  1. Main Report by John Payne
  2. Comments sent in by others
  3. Some photos
  4. The original weekend pre-retreat blurb,

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