Are you going to Greenbelt? 23-26 Aug 2019

Judith Allinson writes:

If you are coming to Greenbelt this year do please come and visit the Green Christian Stall. We will be sharing a stall with Operation Noah. Come and say hello and have a look at our leaflets.


Volunteers at Green Christian Greenbelt Stall 2016

Greenbelt festival takes place over the August Bank Holiday weekend  23-26 August 2019 at Boughton Park near Kettering.

Our exhibition stand is always been well supported by volunteers, and helps us to reach a receptive audience.  If you are planning to be at Greenbelt this year, and would like to give an hour or two alongside another GC volunteer, please email WebEditor  As our regulars will no doubt agree, it’s fun talking to people who care about the same things as us, but might not have thought about them.


The stall is set up on Friday greenbelt2016-P1420520afternoon and taken down on Monday evening.

There is a great variety of talks and activities on Social and Justice and Eco and Religious themes.

If you are a previous helper who has bright ideas to share, or a previous attendee of Greenbelt with useful comments to make about the Green Christian Stall, please do get in touch. We value your suggestions

I went in 2016, and you can see an article and more pictures here
If you have any concerns about camping by yourself , or would like to share a tent with other members from Green Christian do get in touch. I camped for the first time in 2016 by myself – and learned a lot. It is also possible to hire a ready set up tent, as one of our volunteer helpers did last year.


If you have never been to Greenbelt, it is worth trying it once.

And once you have been, I’m sure you’ll be back!

The Sunday Service 2016 at the main marquee

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Comments on "Are you going to Greenbelt? 23-26 Aug 2019"

Ruth Jarman:

September 18, 2023

Hi Linda, shame you missed it - if you sign up for our newsletters we will remind people about it next year!

Linda Walford:

September 17, 2023

Missed this year how can l join Lynn


August 1, 2019

I will be at Greenbelt this year and look forward to meeting you there

Steve Summers:

August 21, 2017

It's definitely coming to Greenbelt! Looking forward to it next weekend & hopefully see you there.

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