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Letters to MPs re cutting of UK air passenger duty tax

The air company Flybe is in financial difficulties. One suggestion made on 14 January was to make a cut in the duty charged on all short haul flights in the UK.

Nine Green Christian members have written to their MPs about this in the last two days. Here are just three examples of letters that were sent:

14 Jan 2020

Dear …….

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Drax in North Yorkshire: – destroying hardwood forests of USA & Canada


Long time friend of Green Christian, Fred Kreuger of EcoStewards in America writes:


I need your help in addressing a European dimension of climate change
that is impacting the forests of the United States and Canada.

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New Years Resolutions 2020

What resolution will you make for 2020?

If you have good suggestions please put them in the comments section at the end.

Points 1 to 12 were added in the comments for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Long term suggestions and links by JA (the web editor) in the second table lower down lower down)

1.Buy nothing new for a year except of course consumables such as food – it has been done! 

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Welcome your newly-elected MP with a Christmas card

The Climate Coalition is suggesting we all send our newly-elected MP a Christmas card to welcome them to their new term in office and make sure the climate crisis is one of the first issues that lands on their desk.

There’s a sample card and words on their website,

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Questions to ask General Election Candidates

Hustings will take place all over the country. Please go along and ask one or more of these questions.


We are in a climate and ecological emergency. According to the head of the UN, we face a direct existential threat and have less than 18 months to change course.

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Christmas Tips – from Milton Keynes


The bishops of England and Wales, following the Pope’s lead, are encouraging us to change our lifestyles so as to help reverse climate change. See the short films on the Global Healing website – Here are some suggestions for Christmas from the Milton Keynes Cluster Global Healing Group.

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Green Christian Tea Parties: Gather – give – be green

Could you gather together a small group of people who are interested in green issues to share food and conversation at a Green Christian Tea Party?

We’ve put together a Tea Party planner’s guide, invitations and grace cards to help.

Tea Party planner’s guide
Grace Card -portrait and landscapeTea Party planner’s invitations BW
Planners Invitations Colour

Why run a Green Christian Tea Party?

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GC Notes from Greenbelt 2019

Hanging washing line for prayer flags

Here are pictures taken at the Green Christian Greenbelt Stall yesterday (24 August). If you are at Greenbelt, come and visit

Come to the Green Christian Stall at Greenbelt

Prayer flag activity. How are you feeling.. then pick a colour that describes that feeling a write word,

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