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Articles that can be cut and pasted for your parish magazine

Green Tips for Christmas by Barbara Echlin

Here is an article to use in your local parish magazine:

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Before we get there we have Advent. A time to look forward and to prepare for the future. Advent is the start of the Christian year.

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Christmas Tips – from Milton Keynes


The bishops of England and Wales, following the Pope’s lead, are encouraging us to change our lifestyles so as to help reverse climate change. See the short films on the Global Healing website – Here are some suggestions for Christmas from the Milton Keynes Cluster Global Healing Group.

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Living Planet: Jesus and Advent

Barbara Echlin writes:

One of my favourite modern wooden statues is in a nearby local park. It portrays a butterfly, ladybird, worm and spider clinging on to an ancient fern. Our planet has an abundance of living creatures of all colours, shapes and sizes. Ferns similar to the common bracken were thriving before the dinosaurs roamed the earth.    

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Trees and Forests

Trees and Forests

Do you remember the seventies slogan: “Plant a tree in ’73, and plant one more in ‘74”? We were just waking up to the devastating destruction of the rainforests and the loss of trees in our own country. Rainforests are home to an amazing number of animals,

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Andover URC Harvest Festival Sermon 9 Sept 2018

Andover URC Harvest Festival, 9th September 2018, 10.30

by Revd David Read

You may remember two hurricanes last year: hurricane Harvey killed at least 39 people in Houston and across Texas; hurricane Irma crashed through the Caribbean before smashing into Florida. It was a terrible time for thousands of people – homes and businesses destroyed,

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Season of Creation – a short article for a parish magazine

Never heard of Season of Creation?  
Barbara Echlin explains:

Download this article  in the form
of a poster
 to  put up at your church

From September 1st to October 4th, Christians around the world unite to pray and care for creation.

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The Seven Rs

For the “Seven-Rs” leaflet
to print out and put on your church notice board
click here

Louise Cook writes:

From childhood I have heard the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

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Cuppa coffee anyone?

Deborah having coffee at the station

This article first appeared in April 2016.

This week (Jan 2018) Deborah was interviewed by Premiere Radio on the topic of “Should we pay 25p for disposable coffee mugs?” – You can hear the recording here, 20 minutes in.

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