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Support the Global Climate Strike

Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 15 September, 2019 | Category: Climate Emergency | Comments: 0

‘Let no one despise your youth’ The young people around the world who have been walking out of school to…   Read More >

How do you feel about Climate Change? – and How to make Prayer Flags

Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 12 September, 2019 | Category: Climate Emergency | Comments: 1

How are you feeling about climate change? ‘The more we can acknowledge openly and explicitly how we’re feeling about what’s…   Read More >

How to support the Faith Bridge

Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 7 September, 2019 | Category: Climate Emergency | Comments: 13

Guest post by Ruth Jarman, founder member of Christian Climate Action A year ago, the head of the UN said,…   Read More >

GC Notes from Greenbelt 2019

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 25 August, 2019 | Category: Action Articles Climate Emergency | Comments: 2

Here are pictures taken at the Green Christian Greenbelt Stall yesterday (24 August). If you are at Greenbelt, come and…   Read More >

Supporting Steve Melia

Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 13 August, 2019 | Category: Climate Emergency News | Comments: 2

By Tony Emerson Some of you will remember the transport session that Steve did for us on the Green Christian/CEL…   Read More >

Send a letter to the new Prime Minister about the climate emergency TODAY

Author: Louise Cook | Date: 16 July, 2019 | Category: Climate Emergency Uncategorized | Comments: 0

On 24th July the UK will have a new prime minister. Please write to him – an actual hand written…   Read More >


Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 3 July, 2019 | Category: Climate Emergency | Comments: 0

On June 9th 2019, the group Ethicists Without Borders (EWB) published a statement about Christian ethics, the climate emergency and…   Read More >

The Time is Now!

Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 27 June, 2019 | Category: Climate Emergency | Comments: 6

Ruth Jarman and many other Green Christian members joined the Time is Now Mass Lobby of Parliament on 26th June….   Read More >