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Eco-Congregation – Ingleton gains second award – what of churches near you?

Green Christian’s Web Editor (Judith Allinson)  visits a local church receiving their second award and writes:

“A primary aim of writing this article is to invite you, (if you live in the British Isles)  to find out if a church near you has received an Eco-Congregation Award..

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Time to Act Climate Service

250px-1236753-St_Mary_le_StrandThe service that will be happening at 11-30am on Saturday 7th March at St Mary le Strand in support of the Time to Act climate march can be downloaded below.  Please use to pray with us for action to preserve creation.

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Growth Without End or World Without End

One of Green Christian’s keenest policy analysts, Phil Kingston, has looked at the New Climate Economy Report, and has sent in these notes which are recommended reading.

The New Climate Economy Report (September 2014) was produced by The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate,

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Nicholas Stern : The State of the Climate

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Statement to the Church of England General Synod debating Environment on 12th February 2014


A Rocha UK, Christian Aid, Christian Concern for One World, Christian Ecology Link, Climate Stewards, CTBI Environmental Issues Network, the John Ray Initaitive, Operation Noah, Progressio, the Quakers, the Speak Network and Tearfund are joining together to welcome the debate on climate change and the environment taking place at General Synod on February 12th.

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Church of England produces biased survey on fossil fuel disinvestment

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The EIAG has brought out a survey on fossil fuel disinvestment that needs to be in by 18th December.  Operation Noah thinks this survey is terribly biased in favour of remaining invested.

Ruth Jarman, an Operation Noah board member, said, ‘We are pleased to see that the EIAG is seeking stakeholder views on disinvestment.  

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Nuclear Faith

In 2006, Christian Ecology Link published a briefing on energy futures entitled “Faith and Power : The Case for a Low Consumption, Non-Nuclear, Energy Strategy“.

British energy policy has moved on, and some Green Christian members are considering updating the “Faith and Power” position statement.

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Economics, Energy Bills and Elephants

(A December parish magazine article – though please feel free to alter for any month.)

‘Status quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’.’  Ronald Reagan

‘Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth…… For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’  Jesus of Nazareth

The_Elephant_in_the_Room_Banksy-Barely_legal-2006Do you ever wonder what an intelligent visitor from another world would think of humanity? 

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