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Just Food – Recipes

As part of our contributions to the “Just Food” workshop yesterday, many brought food they had made themselves or sourced locally. There were fresh eggs from one person’s chickens. There were apples stored in a cold larder since November. Handmade bread risen from local wheat. And then there were the goodies to go with the teas and coffees !

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Banana and Chocolate Cake

This is a fairly low-fat cake made with oil rather than margarine and is a great way to use going-off bananas that would otherwise be thrown away.
If you came to the ecocell A to B conference in January 2013 you might have had some.
All ingredients should,

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Tiger Lily Soup

This is a spicy winter soup, using seasonal root tubers and preserves from summer.

Ingredients : Jerusalem artichokes, a can of tomatoes, chili pepper sauce, paprika spice, olive oil, Savoy cabbage.

Method : Clean up the Jerusalem artichokes, remove roots, and skin too, if you prefer,

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LOAFY Nutricious Pancakes

Use organic ingredients where possible

4oz Porridge Oats
4oz mixture of ground almonds, wholewheat flour, plain four
2 Free Range Eggs
sweetened soya milk

Hand whisk together adding soya milk to right consistency
We nearly always have some of this mix in our fridge ready to make chocolate pancakes for breakfast or pudding.

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