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Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 14 December, 2020 | Category: Borrowed Time Climate Emergency Media Release | Comments: 1

British theologian / cleric joins call for honest discussion of risk of societal collapse Last week’s UN Climate Ambition Summit…   Read More >


Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 10 December, 2020 | Category: Climate Emergency Media Release | Comments: 0

CHURCHES URGED TO DECLARE A CLIMATE EMERGENCYin light of scientific warnings and political failure Tearfund and others, including Green Christian,…   Read More >

Press Release: Bishop warns “We are Earthing Hell.”

Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 26 October, 2020 | Category: GC Events Media Release | Comments: 0

Online Festival calls Christians to imagine a better future and then create it. Green Christian’s “Re-imagining the Promised Land”, an…   Read More >

“Re-imagining the Promised Land” – Green Christian’s Online Festival celebrates hope amidst uncertainty

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 24 September, 2020 | Category: Media Release | Comments: 0

Green Christian Press Release24 September 2020: For immediate releaseContact: Ruth Jarman, 07970  Re-imagining the Promised Land” – Green Christian’s…   Read More >

Green Christian Festival 2020

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 13 September, 2020 | Category: Action GC Events Media Release | Comments: 13

Videos and more from our online festival, Re-imagining the Promised Land, 23rd-25th October 2020 So, we came together to re-imagine…   Read More >

PRESS RELEASE: ‘Radical Presence’ summons Christians to build a better society after lockdown

Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 7 May, 2020 | Category: Bible Studies Climate Emergency Media Release | Comments: 1

Green Christian launches a platform for Christians to develop mission and advocacy for a world at the ‘tipping point’ ‘Radical…   Read More >

PRESS RELEASE: “The Church of England must inspire change, not mimic societal norms.” Green Christian calls for Church of England to set an example on carbon targets

Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 13 November, 2019 | Category: Climate Emergency Media Release | Comments: 2

Green Christian welcomes plans by the Church of England, announced last week, to “recognise the Climate Crisis and step up…   Read More >

Media Release: Green Christian at Manchester.

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 15 September, 2019 | Category: Media Release On the Road Together | Comments: 0

On Saturday 14 September Green Christian held its sixth regional “Green Christian On The Road Together” event, a day conference…   Read More >