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Lichen walks – and other wildlife wonders

Why not invite your local natural history society to show you the wildlife in your churchyard?

Boy pointing to lichenLook a lichen!

Judith Allinson enjoys showing people, especially children,plants and animals and lichens on their doorstep in her home town and surrounding villages.

Wild plants beside the churchyard wall

Last year Giggleswick village primary school “After School Church Club”

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Letters to MPs re cutting of UK air passenger duty tax

The air company Flybe is in financial difficulties. One suggestion made on 14 January was to make a cut in the duty charged on all short haul flights in the UK.

Nine Green Christian members have written to their MPs about this in the last two days. Here are just three examples of letters that were sent:

14 Jan 2020

Dear …….

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Navigating ecological tragedy: a collaborative inquiry with Buddhists and Christians: 6-8 March

Navigating ecological tragedy: a collaborative inquiry with Buddhists and Christians

March 2020 at Gomde Lindholme Hall, nr Doncaster

partnership with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and Doncaster Climate

The climate crisis has
only just begun, but it confronts us with ancient questions – the ultimate
questions of faith. 

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Borrowed Time: building pastoral care in the climate emergency

In Green Christian we think the climate and ecological emergency is probably the greatest mission challenge the churches have ever faced.

We want to create places where people can meet together for a journey through climate grief and eco-anxiety. It’s work which requires new skills, new insights and new ways with words.

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Welcome your newly-elected MP with a Christmas card

The Climate Coalition is suggesting we all send our newly-elected MP a Christmas card to welcome them to their new term in office and make sure the climate crisis is one of the first issues that lands on their desk.

There’s a sample card and words on their website,

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Eco Church LOAF event

St Mary’s Church, Cubbington held a LOAF event recently as part of their Eco Church activities.

They ran a stall with LOAF leaflets ordered from, and posters and shared a LOAF meal together as well.

There were just 13 of them as there was a village outing to the coast that a lot of members had gone on.

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Questions to ask General Election Candidates

Hustings will take place all over the country. Please go along and ask one or more of these questions.


We are in a climate and ecological emergency. According to the head of the UN, we face a direct existential threat and have less than 18 months to change course.

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Baildon Methodist Church: Dec: Guided tours of “Passivhouse” building

All day on Sunday 1 December from 11.30 as part of Baildon at Christmas there will be guided tours of the Fold. All are welcome.

The first eco-building on church premises in Britain built to standards similar to those of a Passivhaus is finished.

The unfolding of the Fold at Baildon Methodist Church,

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