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Good Money Week 8-14 October

Author: | Date: 6 October, 2017 | Category: Action Economics | Comments: 0

 Did you know it’s Good Money Week:  8-14 Oct.? Let’s let people know they have sustainable and ethical options when it comes…   Read More >

Read about Joy in Enough and the Big Workshop on Sat 18 Nov at Sheffield here. Includes posters to publicise it.

Author: | Date: 13 September, 2017 | Category: Economics JiE | Comments: 0

Joy in Enough

Wealth & Well-being: J.D. Anderson

Author: | Date: 21 March, 2017 | Category: Church Magazine Economics | Comments: 0

John D Anderson writes:-   Are wealth and well-being the same? Etymologically, yes. In our modern minds, no. Many words…   Read More >

Stop the Solar Tax Hike!

Author: | Date: 15 December, 2016 | Category: Analysis Climate Change Economics Energy | Comments: 1

Green Christian has joined the campaign to “Stop the Solar Tax Hike”. We are one of over 160 NGOs, schools,…   Read More >

Partners in the Passion

Author: | Date: 16 August, 2016 | Category: Economics JiEReports News | Comments: 0

Green Christian is a small organisation with big ideas.  Sometimes we have to act on them because no-one else is.  It…   Read More >

Enjoy: awakening to a new economics (May 2016)

Author: | Date: 21 May, 2016 | Category: Economics JiE | Comments: 3

  Project brief for Phase 2 of Joy in Enough, 2016-2019   Download this post as a docx file  …   Read More >

Update on Joy in Enough for GC members and supporters

Author: | Date: 16 May, 2016 | Category: Economics JiE | Comments: 0

  Many of you will have been among the 250 or so people who attended our conferences in Birmingham in…   Read More >

What is a Fair Tax Town?

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 1 April, 2016 | Category: Economics | Comments: 0

Crickhowell hit the news recently when the traders of the town looked into the practicalities of “Going offshore”.  Big companies such…   Read More >