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Why we should not eat meat

Author: poppy | Date: 17 December, 2016 | Category: Food | Comments: 0

Coral Raven argues that there can be no compromise: Christians must not be carnivores Mahatma Gandhi was right when he…   Read More >

Annual Compassionate Derby event. Vegans and organizations connected with animal welfare

Author: | Date: 13 December, 2015 | Category: LOAF | Comments: 0

Ann R Parker reflects after a meeting organised by Compassionate Derby St Peter’s Church in the centre of Derby, has had…   Read More >

PRESS RELEASE : Nisa supermarket makes surprise donation to Green Christian

Author: | Date: 29 October, 2014 | Category: LOAF Media Release | Comments: 0

North East London-based charity Green Christian has been offered a significant donation by the NISA supermarket in Highams Park under…   Read More >

A Forest Church Workshop

Author: | Date: 27 October, 2014 | Category: Biodiversity Food Liturgies | Comments: 0

Judith Allinson attended a Forest Church workshop in October, held in Skipton, run by Bruce Stanley,  for people interested in…   Read More >

More than enough : Phil Kingston : One World Week 2013

Author: | Date: 11 February, 2014 | Category: Economics Food | Comments: 3

This is the text of a talk given by member Phil Kingston at Llanishen, Cardiff churches in One World Week…   Read More >

Top Tips for Green Lent Resources

Author: | Date: 8 February, 2014 | Category: Climate Change Food | Comments: 0

Here are ideas sent in of Green resources useful for Lent. 1. Seven Weeks for Water The Ecumenical Water Network…   Read More >

Just Food – Local Food – Session 1

Author: poppy | Date: 30 January, 2014 | Category: Food | Comments: 0

The group offered examples of local food projects they were involved in A Community Orchard in Bognor An Urban Farm,…   Read More >

Just Food – Organic Food – Session 1

Author: | Date: 26 January, 2014 | Category: Food | Comments: 0

The following notes were written up by Clare Redfern based on the first Organic Food breakout session at the ecocell…   Read More >