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GC Local Meetup W&N Yorks: 11 Apr

Local Green Christian Meetup – at – Baildon Methodist Church, BD17 5NH  –  Tue 11 Apr (9.30am -1pm (-3pm)


  • Individuals in North and West Yorkshire, of any denomination, interested in care of the natural world
  • Local members of “Green Christian”
  • People on the former Bradford Diocese Earth Care List,

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Cheltenham Green Christian

Details of past Cheltenham Green Christian (formerly Christian Ecology Link) meetings can be seen here.
Don’t hesitate to contact me (via the link below) if you would like more information about Cheltenham Green Christian!
Martin Davis

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Greentown meeting 2

description of Greentown meeting 2……………

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Greentown meeting1

description of Greentown meeting1……………………

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Greentown Local Group

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