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Living Planet: Jesus and Advent

Barbara Echlin writes:

One of my favourite modern wooden statues is in a nearby local park. It portrays a butterfly, ladybird, worm and spider clinging on to an ancient fern. Our planet has an abundance of living creatures of all colours, shapes and sizes. Ferns similar to the common bracken were thriving before the dinosaurs roamed the earth.    

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Saving Rainforest and preventing Climate Catastrophe

Did you know that preventing further rainforest destruction and degradation is one of the most cost efficient, easiest  and VITAL things to do to to reduce greenhouse gas production: Here are some useful facts from

(So please support Green Christian’s Rainforest Fund Project –

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Do something wild each day in June

Can you do it?

Can you make a resolution to go and do something outside every day in June?

See your web editors blog as she finds something new to do outside each day

This is a splendid idea encouraged by the Wildlife Trusts –

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Does the Church know about Species Extinctions?


Judith Allinson writes: 

Has your church recently been doing anything to save any threatened species from extinction? Please let us know.

The world will still be beautiful if the polar bears disappear, and if the orang-utans disappear. Even if humans disappear,

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Saving Wildlife

GC’s New Biodiversity  Leaflet

Threats to Wildlife  + How can we help?   Quotes + Why does ‘Saving wildlife’ matter to Christians? 

Display the leaflet  alongside secular conservation leaflets of your choice produced by WWF, FOE, RSPB, your local Wildlife Trust etc.

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Drought, Dams, Mangroves and the Amazon


Ghillean Prance at CoventryGhillean Prance reports on progress and challenges from the Amazon rainforest.

Ghillean is a patron of Green Christian and wrote this article for Green Christian Magazine (Spring 2017). He is a former director of Kew Botanic Gardens and has helped set up the Eden Centre.

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Churches support Rainforest Fund

Hey, are you concerned about the following?

  • “Development” is in most countries is drastically – reducing our wildlife stock?
  • Over half the world’s larger wild animals have been lost in the last 40 years 
  • The most important causes of loss of wildlife are:- Loss of habitat to agriculture and building (due to population increase and development);

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It isn’t all right. It never will be all right. And we do mind.

Recently my teenage son was doing some research on endangered species for school. He was shocked at his findings, not just that many species are even more endangered than 10 years ago, but that several species in that time have become extinct. He came into our kitchen where I was preparing supper and with tears in his eyes tried to express how he felt,

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