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Baildon Methodist Church: Dec: Guided tours of “Passivhouse” building

All day on Sunday 1 December from 11.30 as part of Baildon at Christmas there will be guided tours of the Fold. All are welcome.

The first eco-building on church premises in Britain built to standards similar to those of a Passivhaus is finished.

The unfolding of the Fold at Baildon Methodist Church,

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Report: Eco-Action Day, Ilford

Green Christian member Peter Musgrave writes about the Eco Action Day at his church. 

Local Volunteers work together to make Community Building more Energy Efficient

On Saturday February 4th, Vine Church  hosted an Eco Action Day at their Holstock Road Community Halls, in Ilford. Over 40 volunteers from all section of the Ilford community most with no church connections came along to help.

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Attend launch of Gloucester Cathedral’s new Solar Panels – book tickets

Attend launch of Gloucester Cathedral’s new Solar Panels on 21 Nov – book tickets by 11 Nov

Gloucester Cathedral is going green, and keen to share its good solar energy news – and the opportunity to celebrate it – with others, especially individuals who are committed to being part of a greener society.

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Will your church join the Big Church Switch?

BCS_logo_colour_webMore than 500 UK churches have registered to switch to renewable energy providers, using clean energy which doesn’t harm the earth, but rather can fuel prosperity for our global neighbours and bring light to all God’s people.

Among them is the oldest Methodist building in the world,

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Celandines, Eco-Congregation, Eco Church, Salt and Light, and Christian Unity

celandineSeveral things have come together:

I need a picture for the next GC E-News 29 – So why not one of a celandine

– a humble, but golden shining flower –  coming out soon in the south of England, and in February / March the north of England and Scotland.

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Eco-Congregation – Ingleton gains second award – what of churches near you?

Green Christian’s Web Editor (Judith Allinson)  visits a local church receiving their second award and writes:

“A primary aim of writing this article is to invite you, (if you live in the British Isles)  to find out if a church near you has received an Eco-Congregation Award..

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The saddening truth about energy waste

Roger Martin, Chair of Population Matters, has written in with his response to our Energy Letter campaign.


The obvious forms of energy waste by shops that sadden me most are:

a) Automatic self-opening doors. Ever since doors were invented several thousand years ago in Mesopotamia or China,

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Green Deal ? Raw Deal !

In response to our Energy Letter campaign, David Penney offers his analysis of UK Government policy on energy conservation in buildings…and says that the Green Deal seems rather like a raw deal…

Government Policy on Energy Conservation in Buildings

According to the guidance issued for the Government National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (2012) published by the Department of Communities and Local Government: “In 2009 buildings accounted for about 43% of all the UK’s carbon emissions.

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